Ghost House

The open pavilion was to be a place that would integrate visitors enjoying cultural initiatives deployed in Jazdów; an old village-type estate in the center of Warsaw. It would also be a voice in a discussion about whether to preserve or transform the area. The object was to be located on an empty plot – once somebody’s property. It was a sentimental and symbolic allusion to the house that once stood here before having burnt down. We wanted to recreate its archetypal shape in the form of an openwork “ghost” made of tapes hung inbetween trees. Another spirit, a map of the original Jazdów area would be laser-engraved in the pavilion’s plywood floor. It would have created a multifunctional surface for learning and recreation, with miniature wooden houses as models and toys. The pavilion, open in form and function was meant to bring back memories, generate discussions, integrate and inspire.

Warsaw, Jazdów

02 03 04 05 06 S 6 SCHEMATY B

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