Mobily Ogród w Barcelonie // Mobile Garden in Barcelona

In a series of workshops we designed and built a modular mobile garden which was then used in a series of events. We made five modules mostly from recycled materials. We used what we could find, mostly old wood, plastic fruit crates and pallets. The plants were grown and planted by neighbors.

Each of the five modules has its own function:

  • a guerilla unit for transporting tools, materials and plants (it can turn into a table or a bench) – “reivindik-hort”
  • a shade giving hanging garden – “acro-hort”
  • a relaxation unit for gardening without leaving a comfortable chair (secret beer closet included) – “rojo”
  • an easily waterable vertical garden – “trepa-hort”
  • the troyan horse module for secret missions – “repós-hort”

The garden is designed to invade and occupy unused city plots. Every module is multi-functional and together they form a small but functional green unit. They also work as a mobile laboratory or a stage. They are used around the neighborhood to lead workshops, teach and animate people to co-create their nearest environment, they take part in social events.

huerto mobil - todos

ZIMG_3033 ZIMG_3395 ZIMG_4404 z_MG_0080 Z_MG_0179 ZIMG_4222 ZIMG_4045

z 0-4 huerto

reivindik-hort – multipurpose workshop module:

huerto mobil 2 - amarillo

zIMG_4475 Z_MG_0311 zIMG_3221 ZIMG_3564 zIMG_4421

acro-hort – hanging garden:

huerto mobil 1 - cuelga

ZIMG_3861 ZIMG_4077 Z_MG_0050 Z_MG_0240 ZIMG_3155

trepa-hort – relax among plants:

huerto mobil 3 - ROJo

ZIMG_4151 zIMG_4635 zIMG_4641 ZIMG_3484 ZIMG_3516 ZIMG_4105

repós-hort – protection from sun and wind:

huerto mobil 4 - vertical

ZIMG_4073 ZIMG_4144 ZIMG_4175 ZIMG_4249

caballo – the troyan horse:

huerto mobil 5 - caballo

ZIMG_3869 ZIMG_4240 zIMG_4350 zIMG_4591

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